Google Voice Widget for OS X ‘s dashboard

Seriously… Why haven’t we seen this yet? This is the perfect application for the dashboard. Send text messages to your friends / family from the comfort of your computer without having to leave a tab open, or have yet another application running on your menu bar. You could have a growl plugin for it to notify you of messages. Maybe even a Firefox plug-in that click’s to call phone numbers.

To me this seems like one of a very few applications that would be really useful for a dashboard type setting. What do you think? What would you like to see?

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  • MikeNGo

    See this link for a Google Voice Add-on for Firefox:

    Or, this link for Google Voice to Gizmo with X-Lite (sadly it does not seem compatible with OS X):

  • Andreas Amann

    I just released the first version of my Google Voice Dashboard widget “GV Connect” – check it out at:

    • Felix

      Andreas, I just tried to use your GV connect and it failed to call and to send SMS. thumbs down so far. sorry

  • The #1 thing I would like to see in this widget is Growl notifications… I like to use the SMS features while on my machine, a opening a web page to continue to check on new messages is annoying.. just my 2p.

    Thanks !

    • Andreas Amann

      Take a look at the newly released version 1.5 – now with Growl notifications :-)


      • Thanks for keeping me updated on this. I am still planning on posting a review once I find some time. This site has been getting TONS of hits for people looking for something like this. I've actually got quite a few emails asking about your widget. Seems most people want an option for the delay between updates…

        Anyway, keep us posted, and thanks for a great widget !

  • adamh

    I recently tried the gv connect dashboard widget, and every time I tried to log in and use it, the widget returned an “undefined” message and shut down. Anyone know what I might be doing wrong, or what the fix might be?


  • Don Juan

    One thing that would make this widget a little bit better. Is if it cleared the message field after you sent the message. This is a cool widget! Growl implementation makes it very nice indeed.