CCIE Potential

INE published a great info-graphic on the earning potential of Cisco’s certifications and I felt the need to share it here. It covers a range of topics from average salaries on all three tiers of proficiency, to top locations for positions, always remember that the information included is in no way meant as career advice.

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  • Pseudo

    98 to 107 for a P level? (CCNP) what are they smoking!?!? I want some.

  • Andre

    I call bullshit on going from nothing to CCIE in 12-18 months. Maybe (just maybe) if you're in the industry for a long long time… but suggesting, as they did, that it's "faster than a university degree" will probably suggest to people looking for a career change that they can dive in for a year and come out at 120k+. Not gonna happen.