Fixing iMessage on Hackintosh

Mid December 2012 Apple shut down the Messages Beta for Lion, soon after many hackintosh users started noticing issues with signing into iMessage. At some point in time, people far smarter than me managed to patch a little used bootloader called Clover to allow us to log into iMessage, but Clover is young and still full of random issues. Honestly, it never liked the system id on my partition, so I was never able to use it. But now, it seems that someone has patched our widely used Chameleon bootloader! I’ve tested it on my own hackintosh, and many users are also reporting success.

The instructions are simple enough, and should only take you 3 minutes + a reboot to implement and test!

  1. Download the following files to your hackintosh
  2. Execute the following commands

  3. sudo mkdir /Extra/modules
    cd /Extra/modules
    sudo unzip ~/Downloads/
    sudo rm -rf __MACOSX
    sudo rm -rf ACPICodec.dylib

    If you have ACPICodec.dylib in your /Extra/modules folder, you need to delete it.

  4. Unzip the Chameleon installer, and run it — make sure you install to your boot disk
  5. Reboot, and try to login to iMessage

Hopefully this will take care of your issues. If not, it was worth a try! I highly recommend the Insanely Mac Forum for researching any issues you may be having. After all, where do you think I learned how to do this?

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  • Andreas

    It worked for me, too. Awesome, thanks a lot!

  • Sam

    hi there,
    when i type the 1st command i get this "mkdir: /Extra: No such file or directory" any idea why

    • AppFull Blows goats

      then type:
      sudo mkdir /Extra
      then follow the rest of the steps. That is the makedirectory complaining it can’t make /Extra/modules folder inside an “/Extra” folder that does not exist. But really, you should have had that already…

  • Chas

    Worked for me too. Thanks.

  • Bigou

    iMessage reloaded! Thanks a lot, too!

  • Ryan

    Thanks so much! been looking for an easy fix to this for a while!!!

  • galban

    will this work on vmware?

  • Hey Tony ,

    I just wanted to thank you for the quick and effortless explanation to get this puppy working. My macbook pro died last week and I really missed my iMessages.

    Thanks again for your guide.

  • Frost

    Will this work in a virtual machine?

  • thx alot it worked for me too :)

  • Raphael

    Perfect! Worked fine on my 2 hackintosh

  • Bindiry

    thank you very much. it worked.

  • Don

    Hi, I could not get this to work. 1. The file downloads in Safari without a .Zip extension which makes it unable to be opened acording to the 3rd line above. The file that I get is .DYLIB tried to open it, no luck…

    I'd like to try this solution as nothing else is working- this iMessage and the dictation issue are the only two that are not working-

    Thanks, Don

  • Don

    BTW, no luck with the updated Chameleon

  • roddy

    it worked here just as well

  • Kaunain

    cannot find any modules folder in extra
    when creating….gives an error…..modules have already been taken

  • Kris K

    Thanks a lot, I’ve been tinkering with the app store for 2 weeks now and this is the only solution that has worked

  • Angelus

    Hy Tony, after your instruction, i reboot my pc and it does “Can’t find /mach_kernel”
    I have a gigabyte h97m-d3h like motherboard with 2 HD:

    1) SSD with Windows8 on installed
    2) HD normal with Yosemite 10.0.2 on installed

    My processor is an Intel core i3 with graphic intel HD4600.

    Can you help me please?

    Excuse-me for my english.


  • Angelus

    Now i have rebooted my computer with the installation’s pen (key) and the OS is started … but if i reboot without to insert the pen, it’s do ever the same error: ” can’t find mach_kernel”. How do i do? Help me please

  • Angelus

    I’ve solved the problem of mach_kernel installing the last version of chimera bootloader … iMessage still not working! Thanks anyway