This blog and any reproduction of its content is the creation of Tony Mattke. The content created herein reflects my opinions and conclusions, supported by fact… Or pretty much whenever I feel like. Nothing I write about on this blog should be viewed to reflect any opinion of any employer, past or present. I write for myself and myself alone. Details provided on this blog should not be perceived to reflect the actual design or configuration of any technology or infrastructure deployment. I write about what interests me – some of the tools and technologies that I write about may be used in existing deployments, but I also write about other things as well. This blog is simply an exploration of these experiences in a generic way that you, the reader, can learn about these concepts and find a way to integrate them into your own day-to-day experiences. Any sharing or re-sharing of content (i.e. Twitter retweets/favorites, link posting, etc.) is not an endorsement or acknowledgement of any kind, just an indication that I feel a topic warrants further scrutiny and/or discussion.

Blog with Integrity I believe strongly in blogging with integrity. I have signed the pledge, and I believe in everything it says. While I may go back from time to time and correct small typographical errors in past posts, I do not believe in revisionist writing. I started this blog because I wanted to document my learning experiences, and when I write something, it is what it is. Any writing, negative or positive, about vendors or their products, are my opinion, and mine alone. No vendor or employer, past or present, or any other organization, has any influence whatsoever in what I write, and I don’t speak for anyone but myself. When I write about a product or vendor, it’s because I felt strongly about it in some way that I was compelled to share with the public on my own. One of my leading goals for my career is to remain objective, and get down to the nitty-gritty details of whatever technology I work with. Each of my employers thus far have been diverse in their vendor partnerships, and it is my goal to keep it that way. I always value the diversity and generalization of technology so that common ground can be found. This is why I got into networking in the first place; at the end of the day, standards-based protocols must be used somewhere. I write about these technologies because they’re in front of me, begging to be analyzed. That’s all I want to do.

Tech Field Day

I occasionally attend various Tech Field Day events organized by Gestalt IT. These events are sponsored by networking vendors who thus indirectly cover our travel costs. In addition to a presentation (or more), vendors may give us parting gifts ranging from their own products, to usb keys and various swag.

The vendors sponsoring Tech Field Day events don’t ask for, nor are they promised any kind of consideration in the writing of blog posts, and as always, all opinions expressed here are entirely my own and not those of sponsoring vendors, my employer and/or its affiliates, and all the mistakes are my fault (but please do feel free to point them out, I gladly correct factual errors).

Cisco Blogs

Being a Cisco Champion I am asked from time to time to write a post for the Cisco blog. This is no way shape or form guarantees them any bias. As with any article I write, my opinions are my own, and I will express them as I see fit.

Network Computing

Information Week / Network Computing magazine pays me for writing articles. They can and do suggest topics, but I only write about what I am interested in. While they do perform editing on my blog articles, I do retain final say on what gets published. Again, nothing I write about there should be viewed to reflect any opinion of anyone other than myself.

Packet Pushers

See Tech Field Day / my blog. Seriously, do I have to keep spelling it out? Fine. Packet Pushers doesn’t hold any influence over my writing, nor do they kidnap my family and hold them hostage until my views match theirs. Anything I write / talk about on their site is solely my opinion, and was not influenced by anything… other than the occasional drink. The content I create there is sourced from nothing but my own opinion.

Non Disclosure Agreements

In the IT field, and certainly within the blog-o-sphere a number of NDA’s get thrown out. I abide by and respect the penalties for not doing so. If you are willing to share confidential information with me as a customer, knowing that I am a blogger… You have no worries. I have not and will not violate that trust as it only harms my future in this field. This includes Cisco’s Certification and Confidentiality agreements. I also abide by and respect the copyrights of the training vendors that I used to study for exams. I won’t discuss the content outside of the publicly-known information or information that is specifically excluded from NDA. I will not “share” my workbooks or digital materials with you just this once for old times sake.

Warranty and Full Disclosure

RouterJockey is furnishing this blog “as is”. RouterJockey does not provide any warranty of the item whatsoever, whether express, implied, or statutory, including, but not limited to, any warranty of merchantability or fitness for a particular purpose or any warranty that the contents of the blog will be error-free.

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If you made it this far and fully read and understood everything above I am impressed with your conviction.
Unfortunately you do not win anything.